Creative Technologist, musician, Louis Theroux lookalike.
Sam holds a degree in Digital Art and Technology from Plymouth University, attaining Second Class Honours (Upper Division) with Certificate of Professional Industrial Experience.

He enjoys creating immersive and thoughtful digital works, irl and url.

Photo by Louis Browne.


  • JavaScript (ES2015+)
  • VueJS
    • vuex
    • vue-router
    • vue-cli
  • Webpack
  • CSS (+SCSS)
  • HTML Canvas
  • WebGL
  • Mongo DB
  • Processing
  • MySQL
  • PHP
Physical Computing
  • Arduino
  • Teensy
  • ESP8266
  • IoT
  • Music composition
  • Audio visualisation
  • Blender
  • Adobe CC
  • Event management



Host & Creative Technologist


Stepping in for BAFTA award-winning Digital Artist Seb Lee-Delisle, I took over the role of co-host alongside the Record Breaking Dance Artist Tim Casson, for audience-driven interactive dance show Choreocracy. I learned the tech stack, the show routine and how to present over two practise runs - even helping out developing an integration for wirelessly synchronised LED shoes.

I had an excellent time working with the dancers, hosts and crew. I only wish I could've stayed on for more!


Creative Technologist

09/2017 - 10/2018

  • Production of engaging SPA microsites using Canvas, SVG and CSS for interactive flair.
  • Development of a large-scale eCommerce website with full internationalisation.
  • Built the tool to create the industry first Voice Search Ranking Report with sister agency ROAST.

BetVictor: Bet Calculator

Lead Developer

04/2017 - 06/2017

Working with BetVictor with Kitty, I built a dedicated betting engine using JavaScript for use within BetVictor's calculator.
The calculator was required to be a PWA. VueJS and a webpack/vue prerender plugin was used to ensure SEO results were kept high.

Dyson: The Smart Rooms

Technical Lead

12/2016 - 02/2017

Involvement with the game design to make sure the challenges made sense from a software engineering aspect and building anything technical the Smart Rooms required, either for its puzzles or general use.

Read more about my involvement in The Smartrooms


Junior Developer

05/2014 - 06/2015

  • Designing and assisting within a team for the development of websites and digital media.
  • Attend meetings with prospective clients.
  • Quality control of websites and digital media during development and before handover.
  • Handling clients daily, face to face, and via various communication mediums.

PJ Studio | Creative Media Ltd

Web Developer

03/2012 - 01/2014

Part-time consultant and web-developer. Work includes templating websites in HTML and CSS, developing plugins with jQuery, JS work, PHP scripting and working with Wordpress.

During the period of time that Sam worked with us at PJ Studio as one of our web developers, he added a strong arm to the team. With briefs being passed to him in a variety of formats, Sam was quick to work out the best solution and put it in to practice; even when the outcome desired by our clients or creative team members wasn't straight forward. Sam was a truly positive addition to the studio.
- Phil Johns, MD

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Rewired State

Web Developer

10/2013 - 10/2013

Edited a hack day app with involvement from the Department for International Development.

Blue Flame Media Limited

Web Developer

04/2013 - 05/2013

Edited websites with a Wordpress CMS, added a booking system built in PHP and jQuery for a local client. Templated a website in HTML and CSS for their partner company Payment Nexus.

Southwest Film and Television Archive

Software and Systems researcher

06/2011 - 06/2011

Researched the best web player and video codecs for their online library service.

Film and Video Technician Volunteer

05/2009 - 08/2011

Cataloguing film and video, digitising video recorded on 1" tape, Betamax, VCR, sVHS, Telecine with 16mm film and also editing all the aforementioned formats using various editing processes with new and old equipment.

I thoroughly enjoyed giving my time to SWFTA, I learnt a lot about the older machinery, video production and Plymouth's history from working with the great team they have.

Awards and Achievements

Hack the Visual

'Splatmap' - First place


The idea for this hack was to build a piece of software that would help people use their to phones capture 3D images and terrain of the streets, roads and landscape around them for use in videogames, architecture, modelling and history.

Read more about Splatmap   Watch Imaging Mind's video on YouTube

Dropbox Hackathon

Honourable mention


McDonald's Hackathon

'Big Hack with Fries' - First place


McDonalds held their first hackathon in November 2014 which aimed to bring their millennial target audience into stores and to retain their custom.
The winning idea was inspired by Activision’s Skylanders; using purchasable figurines with built in NFC identification to change the characters you can control in the game. It was intended to make use of the existing McDonald’s Happy Meals structure, in which toys are included with the purchase of the meal. However for our idea to work, McDonalds would have had to upgrade the quality of their toys, include the NFC technology within the plastic of the toys and include NFC readers with large screens as tabletops in-store.

Watch McDonald's video on YouTube

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