The polyamorous relationship of music, programming, and visual arts.

A giant blue portal-like screen sits within a minimalist white stand at GITEX, a technology expo in Dubai.

Cisco: GITEX 2023

A portal to possible.

Young girl holding an iPad in front of the Piccadilly Lights screen.

BT: Piccadilly Lights Live Coding

Inspiring the nation's kids to code: real-time live-coding PWA over London's famous Piccadilly Circus.

Hand holding a phone with a welcome screen to an application. In the background a display card advertising EE's Unbox Gaming on the Go experience.

EE: Unbox Gaming on the Go

AR experience, allowing shoppers to unbox and explore EE's new gaming offering.

Yellow robot on 8 large screens in an EE store

EE: Plan Catcher

In-store, Covid-19 friendly endless-runner.

Maya Jama in camera viewport of a Samsung Galaxy Fold with 3D material flying around her in AR

EE: BAFTA 2020

Real-time AR on the red carpet.

2xAA on stage - a man wearing headphones holding a Game Boy Advance while operating a mixing desk


Low-fi dance, techno and house beats using the Nintendo Game Boy.

genMDM logo - a purple rotary dial

GenMDM Editor

A web-based interface for genMDM, a MIDI controller for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis. Also supports Mega Drive MIDI Interface.

JSConf Festival X tote bag with a purple Game Boy Color placed on top

JSConf EU 2019 Opening

The web-powered opening for the 10th anniversary of Europe's largest community-lead JavaScript conference.

Large colorful projection of the phrase "{ live : js }" at JSConf EU 2018.

JSConf EU 2018 Opening

The JavaScript powered, Google Chrome sponsored opening for Europe's largest community-lead JavaScript conference.

Sam Wray and NERDDISCO on stage at dotJS 2016, LED curtain on display, Sam playing the Game Boy and NERDDISCO using a MIDI controller.

dotJS 2016

A talk about A/V performances to Europe's largest JavaScript conference.

"The Smart Rooms" logo, over line-drawings of a kitchen

Dyson: The Smart Rooms

A Dyson challenge for the connected home.

Abstract art, generated with modV


modular audio visualisation powered by JavaScript.

A pixelated caricature of Jeremy Corbyn


Mobile game supporting Labour's campaign for the 2017 General Election in the UK.

µCollective logo, a large stylised µ symbol.


An online and offline collective for the chipmusic scene.

Photo of the Melodal website interface


Research project exploring the potential uses of online message data, in particular the message data of those we have lost.

Lake Komo, a two-piece band, playing on stage with Stardis, a custom built vocal sampler and looper, with in-built stage lighting controls


BuzzJam 2016 hack-day instrument. MIDI Controller/Lighting Controller/stand-alone sampler.

Blade, a double necked keytar, held by Amy from them&us, Sam Wray providing support to hold it up.


BuzzJam 2015 hackday instrument built using Game Boys and Guitar Hero controllers.

BetVictor's bet calculator shown running on an iPhone

BetVictor Calculator

A Vue.JS powered, SEO first, PWA bet calculator.

Splatmap's logo, a map pin on a blue map. The pin has pink paint dripping from the top.


Realtime 3D mapping using smartphone cameras and gamification, the winning submission from Hack The Visual in 2015.

An airhorn



Screenshot of omfg.cat, lots of cats displayed in a grid.


Just cats.

A carafe full of fake blood


IoT installation symbolising the worldwide concern of death.

Close-up shot of a yellow Game Boy


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