modular audio visualisation powered by JavaScript.

modV is an open-source music visualisation application, akin to softwares such as Resolume and VDMX. Work towards modV is ongoing and contributions are welcome.

The project's origins stem from a crowd controlled music visualiser built within a week at YRS2014 for the Saturday night show I was organising. The premise was to allow people to be involved in the show, even if they weren't up for dancing.

A rewrite to use Vue.js was initiated at the end of 2017, since then modV has had many features added, such as:


I have showcased modV at many live events in the past years. Many in the UK, but international also. For a full breakdown of modV's showcases please see http://brkbrkbrk.com/ and find the items marked 'VFX'.

/ Sam Wray