JSConf EU 2018 Opening

The JavaScript powered, Google Chrome sponsored opening for Europe's largest community-lead JavaScript conference.
  • 7 cinema grade projectors
  • 135 DMX addressable lights
  • 1 colosseum

JSConf invited { live : js } to perform the JSConf EU 2018 opening in Berlin. We rose to the challenge by combining our skills and softwares.

My software, modV, was used for the visuals nearer the end of the opening and my track, Sundown Again, was chosen to be the opening piece of music - remixed live with JavaScript, of course.

Alongside modV running the visuals, Tim Pietrusky's Luminave was used to control the huge array of DMX lighting all around the colosseum, pulling colour data realtime from modV's output Canvas.

Thanks again to the Chrome Experiment and JSConf teams for flying all the { live : js } members out to Berlin to attend and perform at their wonderful conference.

/ Sam Wray