EE: Plan Catcher

In-store, Covid-19 friendly endless-runner.

Eight of EE's stores have a ‘showcase stage’, areas in-store where shoppers can interact with brand experiences for current EE campaigns.

This particular campaign was EE’s new Apple Plan; a bundle of Apple Music, TV, and Arcade available with a selection of devices and tariffs.

The challenge: Give shoppers a hands-on experience while Covid-19 rules said ‘Don’t touch anything’.

We landed on creating a hands-free endless-runner game that shoppers controlled with their arms - collect all parts of the Apple plan in a bid to get a highscore!

The build saw us using Unity and Kinect. publicis•poke's in-house 3D capability was utilised for asset creation and p•p's set design brought the showcase stages to life, with the cobble road as floor vinyl and the houses in-game being translated to in-store props.

/ Sam Wray