dotJS 2016

A talk about A/V performances to Europe's largest JavaScript conference.

dotJS asked { live : js } to perform at their 2016 conference and we also proposed a talk on how we use the web to create our A/V shows.

The main topics of the talk are:

  • Use the web to create live visualisations
  • Use MIDI devices to control software
  • Control LEDs & DMX512 from the browser
  • Perform live for meet-ups & conferences
  • Provide simple to use tools for everyone that loves music visualisations

Tim and I hadn't met before a short hack-day, prior to the talk in 2016, of which the goal was to combine Tim's software, NERD DISCO, and my own audio visualiser, modV.
The resulting software was a bridge known as nerdV, which could convert modV's output into colour values to control WS2812 LED strips and DMX512 lighting. We also added a "FOG" button to a special modV module type which triggered a Hazer (fog machine).

This was my first conference presentation. To speak to an audience so large about something I love to do so much, it was a real honour - but still quite intimidating.

Thanks to everyone involved at dotJS - the conference was perfect.

Dot Conferences archived site

{ live : js } debrief

/ Sam Wray