Cisco: GITEX 2023

A portal to possible.

GPJ was responsible for the whole stand, but my focus was specifically on the portal activation.

It has two modes, the main experience, which is a content explorer for 4 stories around Cisco's AI product offerings. Each of the 4 stories was created using existing client assets and aligns to 4 business verticals. Guests interact using an encoder/dial to select content, and a light ring attracts, reacts to story content and provides way-finding to the surrounding demo booths.

The second mode is a VIP experience, where a representative from Cisco walks VIPs through a dashboard of analytics displayed from their Meraki smart camera system on the stand and a custom Webex chatbot integration.

I was part of the creative conception for the main portal experience, quality control and liaising with suppliers for development and hardware, and last minute, create the VIP experience using OBS and embedded webpages which polled the API for Meraki and showed the stats in graphs and charts.

The client was incredibly happy with the result, with an ask for re-use at upcoming events.

/ Sam Wray